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Fillmed Filorga Art Volume - the preparation contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid (25 mg / ml) recommended for volumetric treatments. It is characterized by a high lifting force, which enables a quick and effective improvement of the appearance of patients' skin by immediately smoothing out wrinkles and restoring the lost volume of the facial skin. Application: reconstruction of face shapes, volumetry of the cheeks, chin, giving volume

Fillmed Filorga Art Filler Universal - is a preparation that is perfect for the care of medium-deep wrinkles thanks to its soft, smooth consistency and the ability to spread evenly. Tri-Hyal technology used in the Art Filler range allows for precise application of acid, achieving a very natural rejuvenation effect and a short recovery time after surgery. Application: the preparation is intended for the injection of medium and deep wrinkles, lip augmentation, contouring the lips, correcting facial features

Fillmed Filorga Art Filler Lips - is an implant designed for lip augmentation and contouring, as well as for the correction of medium and deep wrinkles. The innovative TRI-HYAL technology used in the production of the preparation consists in combining 3 types of hyaluronic acid. This modern technology makes it possible to precisely distribute and properly locate the preparation in the tissues. Provides exceptional plasticity and optimal modeling. Filorga Art Filler Lips can be administered using a needle and a cannula. Application: perfectly modeled, sensual lips, expressive, beautiful lip contour, correction of smoker's wrinkles, reconstruction of the shape of the lips, improvement of lip hydration

Fillmed Filorga Art Filler Fine Lines - is a preparation intended for filling fine lines of surface wrinkles and small skin defects. The first filler with hyaluronic acid to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and elastin fibers. The innovative TRI-HYAL technology used in the production of the preparation consists in combining 3 types of hyaluronic acid. This modern technology ensures exceptional plasticity of the preparation, optimal modeling and allows for precise distribution of the preparation and its location in the tissues. Application: eliminating small skin defects, moisturizing the skin, eliminating fine and superficial wrinkles.

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