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Scars are skin lesions resulting from mechanical and chemical damage to the skin, acne lesions, burns and the like. It happens that we find scars on our body that do not make us feel uncomfortable, they are small, delicate. However, sometimes it happens that we really want to remove such a mark on our skin in order to feel better.

What are the methods and ways to remove scars?

Scars, as mentioned before, are simply traces of a healed skin wound. They usually stand out from the rest of the body skin by color and elasticity, sometimes scars tend to be raised. On this basis, the types of scars are classified:

Convex - otherwise hypertrophic scars. They are characterized by a slight thickening above the surface of the skin. The main causes of these types of marks on our skin are usually burns or the effect of wound healing after surgery. This is due to the overproduction of collagen in the wound healing process.

Atrophic - in this case, the scars have too little tissue, and the scars look like a depression in the skin.

Keloids, or keloids, protrude above the surface of the skin, similar to convex scars. They arise as a result of past injuries or operations. Keloids can be uncomfortable because they can be painful.

Scar contractions - occur where the skin bends, on the joints.

Stretch, flat, pale scars.

It should be remembered that the most important factor before starting the treatment that will help us remove the scars is the complete healing of the wound. Each scar is different, and we also have different predispositions to heal wounds.

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