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Can mesotherapy give a face skin lifting effect?

Yes, mesotherapy supports the maintenance of a firm and elastic facial skin, the face oval is tightened. It also affects the neck, cleavage and hands. It stimulates collagen fibers, smoothes and reduces fine lines and expression lines.

What do mesotherapy preparations contain?

Preparations for mesotherapy are based on hyaluronic acid, and additionally have a whole range of nutrients for our body, e.g.

DMAE - causes a lifting and tightening effect of the skin, strengthens the tissues supporting the skin;

Trace elements and vitamin B5 - strengthen the skin's natural defenses against free radicals, giving the effect of a younger and fresh-looking skin;

Amino acid complex - increase cell viability and increase in their numbers, support the bit-revitalization process;

Sodium succinate - tightens, tones and thickens the skin.