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SCULPTRA - is an innovative preparation used in modern aesthetic medicine. It stimulates the production of collagen. Its main ingredient is L-polylactic acid, the presence of which makes the skin regain its lost volume and a significant improvement in quality is visible. Sculptra is designed not only to fill in wrinkles, but also to improve the structure of the skin and provide a natural lifting. As a result, the preparation restores the shape of the face, fills the nasolabial folds and fills in flabby areas.

The preparation is dedicated to everyone who needs to increase the volume of the skin area. The perfect solution for people who want to counteract the symptoms of aging, both by smoothing wrinkles, improving firmness, lifting and correcting the oval of the face, or even rejuvenating the hands.

Application: nasolabial folds, smoker's wrinkles, dropped mouth corners, "tear valley", sunken cheeks, temples, correction of the face oval, loss of skin firmness, defects in the orbital area, rejuvenation of the hands.