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DIVES MED FINE LINES with lidocaine is characterized by the lightest density and size of hyaluronic acid molecules, making it exceptionally soft and plastic. Dedicated to the most sensitive areas of the skin, subtle improvement of the volume of the lip red, and elimination of delicate wrinkles around the eyes, lips and forehead.

DIVES MED Universal with lidocaine is a flexible filling preparation intended for medium-deep wrinkles and improvement of skin volume lost with age. Dedicated to the correction of nasolabial furrows, marionette lines and modeling the red lips. Thanks to the patented "Safe Core" technology, it has an exceptionally plastic and smooth texture that allows for perfect distribution in the skin. Its unique rheological properties contribute to the perfect biocompatibility with the tissue and obtaining a natural effect.

DIVES MED Lips with lidocaine is a unique product dedicated to modeling and contouring the lips. The reduced concentration of hyaluronic acid allows for a natural correction and a gentle enhancement of the volume of the labial red, without changing its geometry. Thanks to the patented "Safe Core" technology, it has an exceptionally plastic and smooth texture that allows perfect distribution in the skin and obtaining a natural effect.

DIVES MED Volume with lidocaine is a dense filling preparation for the correction of deep and very deep wrinkles as well as face volumetry. Intended for increasing the volume of soft tissues and for contouring face shapes. It allows you to restore the correct proportions and improve the geometry of the face. Despite the high concentration of hyaluronic acid and high volumetric capacity, it retains its plasticity and rheological properties, making it an excellent and comfortable filling product.

Autologic Plasma Filler - An autologous cell filling treatment recommended for people with signs of skin aging, discoloration and loss of firmness. The therapy is an anti-anging treatment, it regenerates the skin by improving its density, elasticity and tension. I eliminate discoloration, improving the even skin tone. Properties: safe treatment, providing a natural effect, stimulates elastin and collagen, strongly rebuilds and regenerates the skin, has antioxidant properties, eliminates scars, stretch marks, and reduces discoloration.

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