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Specialized medical equipment

Medical devices are professional specialist equipment used in cosmetology salons, aesthetic medicine wedges, laboratories, places closely related to health and beauty. We offer the best products from the renowned DIVES MED brand. These are plasma centrifuges, mesotherapy dermapens, and a device for the production of a hybrid bio-filler called Automatic Plasma Maker. For the smooth operation of medical devices, we also have accessories such as: medical cartridges, mesotherapy needles. Medical cartridges have needles made of titanium, laser sharpened, ultra-thin, gold-atomized, hyperalergic, sterile packed, very high-quality premium product. DIVES MED mesotherapy needles come in various sizes. Each customer will find a suitable size, e.g. 30G or 32G, as well as various packaging sizes, e.g. 10 pieces or 50 pieces.


Medical devices are an indispensable element of the equipment of every doctor or cosmetologist. To increase the comfort and safety of the patient's treatment, each office constantly invests in modern, specialized equipment. In this category, you can buy products with a manufacturer's warranty, which will certainly not disappoint. Each order over PLN 199 I receive free delivery by courier or parcel locker.

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