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What are discoloration?

Spots lighter or darker than the color of the skin appear on the face or other parts of the body. They can be caused by hormonal disorders, too long exposure to the sun, or as a result of disturbances in the secretion of a pigment called melanin. When they turn red, it may indicate ongoing inflammation.

How are discolorations formed?

Skin discoloration is the result of disturbances in the local production of cells that produce the pigment - melanin. Its synthesis is activated under the influence of ultraviolet solar radiation. Certain factors increase your sensitivity to the sun, which means that fine spots on the epidermis may appear more frequently. These include primarily hormone secretion abnormalities and the body's response to certain medications. Perfumes and some cosmetics can also be photosensitizing. As a result of such changes, acne lesions, rashes and other lesions may be exacerbated. The skin becomes more sensitive to mechanical damage.

Therefore, you must not forget about the use of cosmetics with a dermatologically tested composition, and if necessary, it is worth using aesthetic medicine treatments, including chemical peels.

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