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To understand how to properly care for your hair, first of all, we need to know what it's made of. Each hair consists of two parts:

The hair root, invisible to the naked eye - it is located in the scalp and reaches the subcutaneous tissue

The hair shaft, i.e. what grows above the skin and is called hair, is a long and thin fiber consisting mainly of keratin.

Hair "lives" only in the root - what protrudes above the skin is dead tissue that has no regenerative capacity. Hence, all cosmetics that promise to merge split ends cannot give us effective results - once the split hair does not grow back, we have to cut it.

If we want beautiful, long hair, we must act on the hair follicles. Along the length of the hair, we work on the temporary improvement of the condition, but we will not give dry, broken hair a second life. If they are very damaged, you can either mask their appearance with appropriate preparations, or cut them and wait for new ones to grow back.

What we have an influence on is the condition of the hair growing out, so it is worth following the Asian care routine and first of all taking care of the scalp.

Basic hair care in winter

Winter hair care should focus on two aspects: protection against harmful weather conditions and moisturizing the hair. The factors that negatively affect our strands include: low temperatures, wind and frost, heating in buildings as well as winter clothes and hats.

What happens to the hair in winter? Most of all, it can freeze - that's why it's so important not to go outside with wet hair. The water in the hair fiber freezes, increasing in volume and bursting the hair from the inside.

Once damaged, hair cannot be repaired, so we have to cut it off.

Additionally, in winter hair rubs against our jackets and sweaters, and friction causes not only troublesome static in the hair, but most of all it destroys the structure of the hair, which begins to split in length. In turn, wearing a hat makes your hairdo a flattering and greasy faster, while not wearing it can result in illness or sinus problems.

For this reason, hair requires support in the form of proper care in winter.

You should wash your hair as often as needed, making sure that the shampoo used is gentle on the scalp and strands. After each washing, we use an appropriate conditioner, and then dry the hair with a dryer with a summer or warm air flow - in winter it is better not to leave the hair to dry on its own, it does not serve them.

Then a step that should never be skipped - securing the tips with fluid or oil, necessarily with the addition of silicones, or a pure silicone serum.

Why is the content of silicones so important? They work occlusally, i.e. wrap around the hair - protecting it against external factors, in this case primarily friction. Pure oils, in turn, penetrate the hair fiber without providing this type of protection.

When leaving the house, you should protect your head with a cap or at least a hood. If possible, it is best to hide all your hair under a hat so that it is not directly exposed to frost. If our hairstyle loses volume because of this, let's get a small hairspray or dry shampoo that we spray on the roots of the hair, which will allow them to regain volume.

Needle mesotherapy is a form of injecting nutrients deep into the skin, so it works much more effectively than tablets or cosmetics applied to the scalp. Why? Well, in the case of vitamins administered orally, the body first uses them for more important functions, leaving hair, nails and skin as the least important for the organism's survival. In turn, preparations massaged into the scalp with fingertips cannot penetrate the hair follicles and the dermis. Hence, the administration of a specially selected cocktail of vitamins and active ingredients by injecting the scalp is the most effective form of strengthening the hair follicles. Such a procedure is performed in aesthetic medicine offices, it is noticeable, but the accompanying discomfort is acceptable, especially taking into account its effects. Preparations used for mesotherapy worth attention Dermaheal HL - a cocktail consisting of as many as 56 nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals and biomimetic peptides, a preparation for baldness and excessive hair loss awarded with the Pearl of Aesthetic Dermatology 2013. DR. CYJ Hair Filler - an extremely effective preparation against hair loss, stimulating hair follicles to grow. Composed on the basis of 7 peptides and hyaluronic acid with a patented technology of gradual release of active ingredients, thanks to which it works up to 14 days after the treatment. Among the components for mesotherapy, it is worth noting, among others for biotin regulating the production of sebum and preventing hair loss, Asiatic pennywort

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