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What is revitalization?

Revitalization is an aesthetic medicine procedure that is gaining more and more popularity and consists in stimulating the natural biological functions of the epidermis. During the treatment, substances that mobilize the skin to rebuild and regenerate are used and introduced. Ingredients that are delivered into the deep layers of the skin layer help maintain proper tension and hydration. They include, for example, hyaluronic acid. Its deficiency reduces the degree of hydration and increases the risk of wrinkles.

With age, the skin loses its firmness due to the physiological decrease in the concentration of collagen and hyaluronic acid. These mechanisms are intensified by external and internal factors, such as: light radiation, improper diet, excess alcohol, chronic stress and hormonal fluctuations.

What is revitalization?

Revitalization involves injecting the skin with preparations based on hyaluronic acid. In this way, you can effectively replenish the deficiency of this compound in the epidermis. In treatments, in order to increase the effects of action, this active substance is combined with other substances, mainly vitamins, coenzymes, amino acids, antioxidants and others. This naturally ensures an adequate level of hydration and restores a younger appearance. The ability to bind water increases the firmness and integrity of the tissue, and also promotes the production of additional collagen.

Where can the skin revitalization treatment be used?

The treatment can be applied to the face, neck, cleavage or hands.


What are the indications for the revitalization treatment?

The indications for the revitalization treatment are:

dehydrated and dry skin,

flabbiness and loss of skin firmness,


mesh of fine wrinkles,

prolonged fatigue,

excessive exposure to weather conditions,


maintenance of rejuvenating treatments,

prophylaxis of healthy skin.

How often should the skin be revitalized?

The number of treatments depends on the patient's skin condition, the method and type of application of the active substance.

What are the effects of skin revitalization?

After a series of treatments, the skin becomes visibly moisturized, its tension increases, which improves the overall condition of the epidermis. Small wrinkles are visibly shallower, which makes the face smooth. Revitalization lightens discolorations, which gives the effect of illumination and radiance.

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