• About us


We have been operating on the market of aesthetic medicine and skin care products since 2020.

3 years - it doesn't seem like much, but during this time our products were purchased by thousands of customers, and most of them are still with us today.

Over the three years, our offer has been constantly expanding, so that today it has almost 500 products.

What makes us stand out?

Original products. All products available on our website come from proven, legal sources and are completely safe. In addition, out of concern for your and your patients' safety, our products are covered by insurance against adverse effects,
Fast order fulfillment time. If you need a given product immediately and its delivery time is 24 hours, you can be sure that it will reach you within 1-2 business days (unless the courier company has a delay - but we are not responsible for that),
Easy contact. If you need to contact us, you can be sure that we will see your question and respond. You have several ways to contact us: anonymous chat on the website, "ask a question" section under the product, WhatsApp, e-mail, phone, and if you use Facebook or Instagram - you can also write there.
Flexibility. If it happens that the product you are looking for is not available at all - please contact us, we will try to remedy it.
International shipping. Foreign customers can buy products without VAT from us.

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Access to the offer is for companies and professionals - natural persons with education in the relevant field of health care (e.g. cosmetologist) or medicine (e.g. nurse, doctor, dentist).

By accepting the regulations and moving on, you declare at the same time that you are not inexperienced people and that they are professionals.

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