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DERMAHEAL HSR 5 ml anti-wrinkle ampoule

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DERMAHEAL HSR 5 ml anti-wrinkle ampoule   Dermaheal HSR is an ampoule for needle and micro-needle mesotherapy. It is an anti-wrinkle product that rejuvenates, regenerates and moisturizes the skin of the face. It revitalizes dry skin that requires nourishment, and affects the ability of cells to multiply. The complex of biomimetic peptides contained in the ampoule rejuvenates and stimulates the aging skin, reducing wrinkles. Pure hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and reduces pores, revitalizing the mature skin of the face, neck and décolleté. All these substances contained in the ampoule smooth out fine lines by stimulating the production of new cells contained in the skin. The skin's elasticity is increased thanks to the induction of collagen and elastin synthesis. Dry skin is moisturized and its balance is maintained. Dermaheal HSR is a product that uses the most advanced biotechnology, the product contains growth factors and biomimetic proteins that stimulate blood circulation in the skin and positively affect its appearance.   Application:   Prevention of skin aging, Smoothing surface wrinkles, Skin hydration, Skin regeneration, Regaining and maintaining skin firmness and elasticity, Acne skin care with enlarged pores,   Composition:   58 active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, 13 vitamins 24 amino acids 5 minerals 4 coenzymes 4 nucleic acids, 2 reducing factors, Including 5 biomimetic peptides:   ACETYL DECAPEPTIDE-3: stimulates cell division and skin repair processes, reduces fine lines and prevents the formation of new ones, DECAPEPTIDE-4 (CG-IDP2): improves elasticity, affects the synthesis of elastin and collagen, OLIGOPEPTIDE-24 (CG-EDP3): reduces wrinkles influencing cell proliferation, TRIPEPTIDE-6 (CG-CTP): responsible for optimal skin hydration, COPPER TRIPEPTIDE-1 (CG-copper peptide): affects the ability of cells to multiply   Dermaheal is a brand that offers excellent mesotherapy products: Dermaheal HL - ampoule preventing hair loss, Dermaheal LL - ampoule for injection lipolysis, Dermaheal SR - an ampoule intended for acne-prone skin, Dermaheal SB - an ampoule that brightens discoloration, illuminates the complexion, Dermaheal Eyebag Solution - an ampoule for mesotherapy under the eyes, improves microcirculation, reduces "bags" under the eyes, Dermaheal Dark Circle Solution - an ampoule for mesotherapy under the eyes, brightens dark circles under the eyes.   Contraindications:   pregnancy, breastfeeding, acute bacterial local skin diseases, local inflammation, fever, erythema, decompensated diabetes, Cancer, allergies to the preparation used, taking medications that thin the blood, e.g. aspirin.   Package:   10 x 5ml ampoule   To purchase the entire package, add 10 items of the product to the cart.   The product may only be used by professionals. By purchasing the product, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.
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