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Neauvia Hydro Deluxe preparation for mesotherapy, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

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 Reducing stretch marks,

 Regeneration of elbows and knees,

 Neck and shoulder regeneration,

 Reduction of crow's feet,

 Hand skin rejuvenation,

 Collagen production stimulation.



Neauvia Hydro Deluxe is an innovative product from the Neauvia Organic line, used for the biorevitalization of the skin of the face and body. The luxurious Hydro Deluxe moisturizing therapy guarantees an immediate effect of moisturizing, rebuilding collagen and elastin, and firming the skin. Neauvia Hydro Deluxe is effective thanks to the highest content of pure hyaluronic acid on the market - 18 mg / ml, obtained from Bacillus subtilis. The natural origin of the preparation guarantees full safety of the needle mesotherapy treatment. Thanks to the high content of hyaluronic acid, the results are amazing after the first treatment. In addition, the preparation contains 0.01% calcium hydroxyapatite, which increases its long-term effectiveness. The preparation stimulates the tissues to produce collagen, which stimulates its production and, as a result, improves hydration, firmness and elasticity. The unique composition of the purest form of hyaluronic acid with amino acids and an admixture of calcium hydroxyapatite guarantees the restoration of vitality of your skin, lasting for many weeks!

Neauvia Hydro Deluxe is a combination of deep hydration and bio-stimulation. It regenerates the skin of the face, corrects surface wrinkles and rejuvenates the hands. Its unique composition activates and supports the natural processes of collagen production, thanks to which we obtain thicker and firmer skin.


To obtain spectacular results, 4 treatments should be performed every 3 weeks.


 Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid: 18 mg

 0.01% - Calcium Hydroxyapatite

 Amino acids


 2 x 2.5 ml pre-filled syringe

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