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  • GEO-lifting V 64MG 1x2ml tissue stimulator

GEO-Lifting V 64mg is a Korean tissue stimulator designed for in-depth skin revitalization and profiloplasty.

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Hyaluronic acid of two different molecular weights - L-HA and H-HA contained in the preparation allows for a multi-faceted lifting effect and restoration of the harmony of facial contours. The use of a 5-point application technique minimizes the patient's pain sensations and quickly restores the correct geometry and proportion of the face. The effect of the treatment is slenderizing of the features and strong stimulation of fibroblasts, causing visible revitalization and thickening of the skin. The effectiveness of GEO-Lifting V is guaranteed by the record-high content of hyaluronic acid 64mg / 2ml. The entire treatment session includes only 2 treatments.



  • revitalization,
  • counteracting skin laxity,
  • intense hydration,
  • improvement of skin density,
  • slender face,
  • reduction of hamsters,
  • induction of collagen and elastin synthesis,
  • revitalization.



  • high molecular weight hyaluronic acid 32mg / 2ml (H-HA),
  • low molecular weight hyaluronic acid 32mg / 2ml (L-HA).


The product may only be used by professionals. By making the purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.

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