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Medical gloves are a type of protective gloves used to reduce infections, mainly in healthcare. Putting them on is an example of keeping the rules of asepsis. Asepsis is a procedure aimed at ensuring the sterility of rooms, tools, medicines, dressings and other items in order to prevent microbes from entering a specific environment, such as an open wound. Currently, only disposable gloves are used. The most commonly used are non-sterile latex gloves of various sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, but they are being abandoned due to the increasing frequency of allergies. An alternative are vinyl and nitrile gloves, which are gaining more and more popularity due to their hypoallergenic properties, greater resistance to abrasion, punctures and other mechanical damage, and resistance to lubricants and harmful chemicals. During the COVID19 coronavirus pandemic, the use of gloves is extremely important to the health and safety of all of us.

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