• How to get 5% discount?

Subscribe to the newsletter to receive a 5% discount.
Let's start with the fact that you must be a registered customer of our store. Without registration, it is not possible to receive a 5% discount.
After registering, you can proceed to subscribing to the newsletter.
First, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage until you reach the blue bar that says "subscribe to the newsletter". To the right of this inscription, there is a field to enter your e-mail address. After entering, please make sure that the e-mail address provided by you is correct. If it is correct - "subscribe".
As seen below ↓
After subscribing to the newsletter, check your e-mail. You will receive a message within a few minutes. Please enter it and click on the link provided in the message. By clicking on the link, you confirm your subscription to the newsletter.
After confirming the subscription, another message will come to your e-mail. In this message, a code will be sent to be used for the next purchase.
Please note that this discount works ONLY on purchases from PLN 99 and is ONE-TIME.
  • Conditional access to the store

Dear User,

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All products visible in our store (with the exception of products in the "cosmeceuticals" category) are intended for professional use.
By entering the website and purchasing these products, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in the field of aesthetic medicine or you run a business related to medicine/aesthetic medicine. We would like to remind you that if professional products are purchased by people without medical/cosmetology education, we do not take responsibility for any adverse effects and side effects, and we do not provide advice in the field of aesthetic medicine. By going to the website, you confirm that you accept the above information and take responsibility for your consumer choices.