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Dives Med Revital Deep Peel pH 0.8. It is a peeling set designed for people with acne problematic skin, with the first signs of aging, affected by exposure to sunlight and photoaging, with discoloration and atrophic and acne scars. It is an intense acid cocktail for in-depth anti-aging stimulation and reconstruction of tissue defects. TCA acid contained in the composition shows strong keratolic and redermalizing properties. These damaged cells eliminate progressive skin imperfections as a result of aging. Almond and kojic acid complement the formula's properties with a strong moisturizing and depigmenting effect. The set has been composed in such a way as to make the treatment as efficient as possible, and the preparation is sufficient for 25-30 treatments - depending on the size of the treatment area.




Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis,


Improvement of skin tension and elasticity,

Intensive hydration,

Color equalization and reduction of discoloration,

Smoothing scars,

Anti-wrinkle action,

Intended for acne problematic skin, with the first signs of aging, with discoloration and atrophic and acne scars,

Application area:



Active ingredients:


TCA 30% - surface peeling, causes controlled necrosis of the epidermis and upper layers of the dermis,

Almond acid 5% - brightens, supports the treatment of acne and firms the skin,

Kojic acid 5% - counteracts excessive skin pigmentation and oily skin



It is recommended to perform 4-8 treatments at 10-14 day intervals.




Pre Peel - preparation preparation - 50 ml,

Peeling Revital Deep Peel - 50 ml,

Neutralizer - 50 ml,

Brush 1 pc.

Dispenser with measure 1 pc.

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