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What exactly is cellulose?

The word cellulose comes from the Latin word cellula, meaning cell. Structurally, it is an unbranched biopolymer composed of 3,000-14,000 D-glucose molecules linked by glycosidic bonds. Their length is approx. 7 micrometers. The glycosidic bond contributes to the formation of stiff, long threads that line up in parallel to form micelles connected by hydrogen bridges.

On an industrial scale, cellulose is obtained from wood by two methods: natron and sulphite. During this process, the lignin is chemically separated from the cellulose. After its completion, the raw material is used in the paper industry, as well as in the production of explosives, varnishes and plastics. There are cellulose rags on the market that are used in healthcare, including analytical laboratories and doctor's offices.

Cellulose cleaning cloths - paper towels

Our offer includes paper towels of various sizes and colors. They are available both in the form of single panels and in the form of a convenient roll. Paper towels can be purchased at affordable prices.

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