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Nucleofill preparations are a series of products for deep renewal, revitalization and biorestructuring of the skin.

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The action of Nucleofill Soft is based on lifting, firming and lifting, deep hydration of the skin, as well as antioxidants. The method based on the action of polynucleotides consists of three stages:

  • Stimulation of receptors on fibroblasts – activation of collagen type I and elastin synthesis. Skin thickening and lifting,
  • Fight against oxidative stress – antioxidant effect,
  • Deep tissue hydration – long-term isoosmotic hydration of the extracellular matrix – moisturizing and firming the skin.

Systematically undergoing Nucleofill treatments will result in regeneration, thickening and firming of the skin. In addition, it has an antioxidant and moisturizing effect, which will make the skin visibly radiant, rejuvenated, and the symptoms of oxidative stress will disappear. There will be an equalization of skin tone, and fine wrinkles will be smoothed.


  •  Antioxidant effect,
  •  Deep hydration of the skin,
  •  Strengthening of blood vessels,
  •  Designed for sensitive skin around the eyes,
  •  Smoothing of fine wrinkles,
  •  Color alignment,
  •  Improvement of skin firmness,
  •  Dark circles under the eyes,
  •  Designed for use by professionals only!

Area of application:

  •  The skin of the eye area.

Active ingredients:

  •  Gel with polynucleotides at a concentration of 7.5 mg / ml


Designed for use by professionals only! A series of treatments every 2-4 weeks. Linear, point technique. Injection into the dermis. Do not exceed 2 ml per side/treatment.


  • 1x pre-filled syringe 2 ml,
  • Needles 30G x 13 mm 2 pcs.


The product can only be used by professionals.

By purchasing the product, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.

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