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Ellansé is a product from the family of biostimulators, i.e. substances that stimulate the synthesis of our own collagen. It owes its unique properties to the unique composition, which consists of carboxycellulose, which makes up 70% of the preparation, and polycaprolactone particles (30%) evenly suspended in it.




The CMC carboxymethylcellulose contained in Ellanse is responsible for the immediate tissue filling effect after administration of the product, the product also contains a medical polymer-polycaprolactone. Thanks to a perfectly smooth molecule with a size> 20 µm, after administration to the skin, it is encapsulated, i.e. it forms a skeleton for a mesh consisting mainly of high-quality type I collagen, which improves the density of the skin.




The whole thing makes Ellanse a treatment not only filling, but also very strongly rejuvenating, restoring the density and natural firmness of the skin. In addition, the full integration of the preparation with the extracellular matrix makes it practically imperceptible, which allows for a natural-looking treatment effect - both at rest and during facial expressions (while talking, laughing or crying).




The safety of Ellanse is due to its complete biodegradability, which means that after its administration, no allergic reactions or granulomas are observed.






nose modeling,

giving volume to the middle part of the face - cheeks, nasolabial folds,

improvement of the corners of the mouth,

reduction of puppet and hamster lines,

improvement of the chin and jawline,

improvement of the face oval,

loss of skin firmness.



Advantages of Ellanse:


corrects wrinkles and folds,

stimulates your own collagen for long-lasting and natural treatment effects,

models and sculpts,

reverses the signs of aging,

provides a more natural and youthful appearance.





pregnancy and lactation

active autoimmune diseases

active viral (e.g. herpes) and bacterial infections in the area subjected to the treatment

decompensated diabetes

history of cancer

taking blood-thinning drugs, eg aspirin-p / relative indication





The course of the procedure:


Immediately after applying the preparation with a needle or cannula, the effect of filling is obtained. After about a month, a partial loss of the obtained volume is observed, which is caused by the degradation of the carboxy cellulose solution contained in the preparation, which is used as a carrier for the polycaprolactone. In the following months, there is a gradual synthesis of collagen, which means that the face not only recovers the lost volume, but also significantly improves the quality of the skin.






Post-treatment proceedings:


do not massage or knead the injection sites without clear medical indications

avoiding the sauna and solarium for 2 weeks

avoiding sun exposure for 2 weeks

using sunscreen - cream with +50 sunscreen for a period of 2 weeks



Recovery time:


Most often, you can return to your daily activities immediately after the procedure. Some patients may experience local redness, swelling or, if a blood vessel is damaged, a bruise.






Completely smooth polycaprolactone microspheres (PCL), gel carrier carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) based on PBS (buffered saline)




The effect of the treatment:


Wrinkle filling, face volumetric reconstruction, improvement of skin quality.




How long does the Ellanse effect last?


The results last from 1 to 4 years depending on the chosen option of the ELLANSE preparation: Ellansé ™ S (1 year), Ellansé ™ M (2 years), Ellansé ™ L (3 years), Ellansé ™ E (4 years).




Product for professional use only.


By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a trained person in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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