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Specialized booster designed to rejuvenate the eye area

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EYETOUCH20 twith a specially developed and patented hyaluronic acid formula, designed for anti-aging stimulation of sensitive skin around the eyes. The unique technology of product creation provides multidimensional and cumulative effects of rejuvenation and elimination of wrinkles caused by the expression of the motor and mimic of the temple area. Eye Touch spectacularly thickens and tightens the skin causing a strong filling of wrinkles, without the effect of an artificial mask. The preparation long-term improves the contour of the eye, increases the level of hydration and minimizes the visibility of crow's feet, guaranteeing a clearly rejuvenated and energetic look.  


  • supplementation of endogenous hyaluronic acid
  • smoothing wrinkles
  • increasing the density, tension and firmness of the skin
  • improvement of tissue hydration and hydration
  • thickening of the skin and reduction of blood vessel clearance


  • skin of the temple area with signs of aging
  • deepening mimic and static wrinkles
  • lack of tension and density of the skin
- skin around the eyelids and temples with signs of aging
- deepening wrinkles around the eyes
- lack of tension and density of the skin of the eyelids
Medical device based on non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid. 
Application techniques:
- 10 -point deposit technique
- retrospective-linear technique using cannulas
Surgical safety
ISO 13485
Patent EP2170961
HA acid concentration: 12mg/ml
Treatment series: 4 treatments every 10-14 days
Capacity: 1ml

Product for use by professionals only .

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